Our 2012-2016 Roadmap provides a course of actions contributing to sustainable development and allows us to measure our performance by comparison with the targets we have set.

roadmap 2012-2016

Priority 1 : Innovate to develop our activities and assist our clients in becoming leaders in economic and environmental performance

Commitment 1

help our clients to better manage the water cycle as a whole

Commitment 2

help our clients to optimise the management and recovery of their waste

Commitment 3

improve the environmentalfootprint of our facilities and services

Commitment 4

improve customer satisfaction and trust

Priority 2 : Develop our employees’ talents to become enablers in the transformation of our businesses

Commitment 5

invest in the development of our employees

Commitment 6

boost the engagement of our employees and quality of life at work

Commitment 7

act for equal opportunities

Commitment 8

work together to ensure health and safety at work

Priority 3 : Enable our businesses to become contributors to the attractiveness of regions and to work together with our stakeholders to build solutions

Commitment 9

contribute to a responsible economy through local employment and development

Commitment 10

Work together on solutions and have an open dialogue with our stakeholders

Commitment 11

spread and share our expertise and knowledge

Commitment 12

promote access
to essential water and sanitation services
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